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disconnected from server system er-(1000 : disconnected from server)(132) wsalastErr(10,054)


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hey guys im having some troubles with this err every time the game loads or enter a new village this error pops up in the loading and kicking me out of the game. as i understood from players, that this problem is happening because of my ISP, but i guess its not because i changed my internet 4 times but the MSG keeps on coming and i really wanna play the game. so please if anyone have any solution for the error please help me 

error name:              disconnected from server.

                      systemErr -(1000 : disconnected from server)



pleasee help i need a solution 

thank you 

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9 minutes ago, EnKuldes said:

really? have u try to close that awesomunium? 

Yes, I tried closing it and my game wouldn't crash, the problem is it always turns itself on at some point in the game so I do disconnect.  The other temp solution is rename the file, but that only worked for 2 days and now anytime I rename the file, the launcher repairs it with a new file so I still disconnect

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well now i try ticketing for the second time and right now i can get pass loading screen about 3-5 time without disconnected but at 6 time i got disconnected, i try what the team suggest that is to netsh winsock reset and play the game as administrator and like that

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I've been getting disconnected every, give or take, ~30 minutes getting this error:

" Disconnected from server.

System Err - (1000 : Disconnected from server)

NetworkErr - (132)

WSALastErr - (10060) "

Sometimes the last 10060 turns into a 10062 or some number around 10060.

I've already tried DNS flushing and closing the NCSoft launcher once I'm in-game.

Will something be done to fix it ?????

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I had something like this happen to me a long time ago in a few other games that run GG or some form of it.


So here's what happened:


I used to run TeamViewer or some version of a VNC program on my gaming rig. Only in certain games would I disconnect. It was the GameGuard or something like it detecting it and thinking that it was a cheat of some sort and closing my game.


Try closing out of all of those services that are running, even temporarily disabling your anti-virus for like 30 minutes or however long it would take you to normally disconnect. Do them one at a time, to see if you can narrow it down.

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