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Ncsoft launcher stock up in repairing!


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Here is a few hints i can give you....mine did the same and this is what i used or found out about it.

1. You can keep closing and rerunning B&S until it works,keep in mind it might take a few min to let the repair bug run its course.( Also when you close the game launcher make sure you close it in task manager  as well, if u don;t it might say that the game is already running or the program is bugged.)

2. You can run a File repair before pressing Play game. It doesn't always work but it something that u can try.

3. this is a link in a reddit post that someone says worked for them https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/40upyx/fix_for_downloading_repair_files_085/


Hope one of these Works for you.

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