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My wishes for Easter.


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[I'm not sure if I should post this in here, but well, it's something that bugs me so I'ma post it in bug reports]

[I'm sorry if the mood of post could sound trolly but it aint a troll at all.]


Dear NC Soft,

I've never played any of Ur games before BnS, and when we all got to know U would've been releasing this, everyone was worryin as fk. I didnt get why back in time, I thought that a big company wouldve cared alot about Its customers and make them enjoy the gaming experience.


Now, we got to the point that:

1) Cant use pinglowering softwares cuz risk is to get on an ip used by botters/goldsellers -and so get banned aswell, with a nvrending process to do to JUST ASK TO DISCUSS ABOUT UNFAIR BAN-

2) Cant have optimized game cuz it's on lvl 50 patch and we need lvl 50 first in order to get such optimizing game patch (so endgame pcs would make their users end with 5fps under ctrl+f at any 24/world boss fight)

3) U still didnt find a way to take away gold sellers and spammers or botters

4) In xserver we dont have a way to kick ppl who crashes in dungeons (cuz half party doesnt see em in party either) - or to kick afkers (most likely bots) who just go in instance and camp entrance waitin for ppl to bid on moonwater tears and take the 20s split off it without even being close to pc -

5) AND....U CARE ABOUT WALL SSERS IN OGONG CUZ OTHERWISE MARKETPLACE GETS FILLED BY TEARS (unfairly according to ncsoft seems) FARMED. R we srs? Now I wonder how many bans will float around about ogong runs, or when the fix will come - if devs gonna even bother with it -. But I wonder, threathening to ban wont make moonwater tears amount on market go down, nor will make them go down in price. Or well, more offer = lower price. Less offer = higher price. But ok, since skipping bosses is unfair - and it is - I can EVEN agree with decision to make a threat announcement. But threatening wont fix anything. Fix things and let ppl do anything they're doing till the fix. Or solve first the game enjoyability issues mentioned before, and after feel free to threat ppl of ban.





ps. Happy Easter in advance everyone :)

pps. Im the first person calling wallhackers the ones skippin bosses in ogong, but I just dislike the way the issue has been treated, compared to how all other issues the game have been treated. A company has to fix first what bugs everyone and then what bugs less than half the players. (Any frigging class with infernal jewels and awakened siren weap can solo brightstone or ogong boss so walljumping is just a way to make ur run last 6-10mins instead of double the amount of time, u gonna need anyway tons of tears for everything that b4 u can sell em u'll waste days in there, but if u enjoy doing it, at least u're enjoyin the game).

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