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Almost forgot why i stopped playing arena


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Desync all day long !!!

Forgot all the fun of playing kfm in arena

I woke up today and i was like " hey let s hit plat today "

Then i q into a blade dancer and got hit into my iframes all game long

Then i q into an assassin (unfair match up)  and when i finaly stun the dude he s stuned but 20 m away like how dafuq did he get there ?  and of course i even get stuned into my counter when i predict he s going to port behind me .

Then i q again into the same blade dancer and same shit again and i wont even bother about the fact that i get countered into my tech chasse ...( not resisted but countered like in the guy was rolling but still got a counter out )

Then i q into a kfm and i cant even triple kick when he blocks and  get countered while there is no counter animation .


Yup i almost forgot all the fun this game was when half the shit happening on the screen isnt the shit that is happening server side .

WHen i started the 3 rounds against the kfm with in in my face right at the start everything came right back to me ... this game isnt fun.

I started playing this game for the pvp and right now it is unplayable .

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