Blade and Soul has potential...

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too much crying in forum everyday. everytime i open forums there is crying in first page :3  10 years ago i somehow dont remember we had that kind of issue lol

but i guess times changes and people  geting more spoon fed.well i do admit summoner versus blademaster cry tough pretty much u have to play perfect to win that but atleast dont spam forum about it .thats only issue i have about this game.well it did had bot problem at start but ncsoft did managed to make it lot better-less spam in chat and easier to block them and report.Problem is just player base is kind of crappy you find like 70% people nice and 30% badmouth who needs to wash their mouth and stop being a s s . but thats not ncsofts foult but our own cultures foult

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10 years ago, you have to be at least some level of intelligence to be able to use the internet, so...yea, you're getting old, I'm getting old XD



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