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Game Not Running Because OF Game Guard.


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Not really a bug report " I know why its not running" Its not running because "Game Guard" was turned back on, and I blocked the Installation of "Game Guard" from being able to be installed via my "Fire Wall", I do not consent to this "Korean Anti Cheat" being installed on my system in a malicious way, and was told it was going to be removed from the game forever before I started playing while it was disabled.... I Currently have like 20 or so days remaining on my premium subscription, I can't even play the game because of Game - Guard, and many other players are also complaining about issues who did install "Game Guard" and have problems running the game.


Please remove "Game Guard" from the game, I do not trust it, and its up to others if they wish to or not, but regardless its creating more problems than good, start dealing with the bots by other means without "Game Guard"


Guess I am glad I didn't put in more than $35 to the game because honestly I was about to login and buy a bunch of cosmetic items and inventory slots in the game, but glad I didn't because I can't play this as long as "Game Guard" is requried, on top of other players who are having issues, I do not want "Game Guard" wrecking havoc on other games I play and scanning my memory as it did in the past before I removed it from C:\windows, and Regedit manually despite uninstalling the F2P Games using this same software.

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Nevermind all the technical problems Gameguard causes for legitimate players.


Nevermind the fact that Gameguard is grade-school level easy to bypass and doesn't do anything to stop botters.


The thing I am most upset about here is that a rootkit program of questionable value and integrity was installed into my system without any warning, without asking my permission, without any option to uninstall short of going in and manually deleting system registry entries.  Without even a message on the official forums letting us know it was happening.  


This is a seriously underhanded move, and destroyed all my faith in NCsoft.  Maybe things like this are ok in Korea, but here in the west invasions of privacy like this just earn you a bad reputation and send your audience packing.  I'm going to wait and see if they revert this decision, and how quickly, but it's highly likely I'll just find another MMO to play before that happens.

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