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Server lag for 3 weeks? EU


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So when launch happened there was pretty much no lag. Even with the Gold Seller problem the server lag as a whole was fine and wouldn't get the spikes I am now.

Were the servers at launch temporary? To make Blade and Soul seem smooth? With how it is now I can only thing Servers were rented and once the hyped died down they were taken out?

If it's something that won't be fixed or even an attempt at fixing the lag. Then many won't want to play anymore. Especially when there is no forgiveness on react time for skills.

I know not everyone get's this lag. I'm not sure how they don't. But most if not all my Clan and friends have stopped playing because of these server lag's that prevent them from being able to even use their skills.

An update from a GM would be nice. But none of these hot fixes. It's all been done before. Something that could really help would be nice.


No replies from white knights or ass holes would be great.  

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I'm experiencing the exact same issue. What's odd is that those issues are of different levels depending on the person. I have two friends who experience lags on their skills too, but not something  too much of a handicap, except sometime during the weekend when lot of people are playing. For myself, I'm experiencing this almost all time, especially at misty woods were pvp just become unplayable. The "funny" part being that my girlfriend don't experience any of this issues (except the usual ones like servers disconnection when everybody on the server get it) even though we're on the same network!


I contacted the support team and they tried the usual stuffs to find issues on my side (check my hardware configuration, my drivers, running process and apps etc.) and once they got out of tests they just tried to put the fault on my ISP. Not a single test was done to check if the issue was on their side. They asked for a pingplotter report and reinterpreted it, arguing that I was experiencing lot of packet loss on the route when I was obviously not.


My only guess is that they are aware of the issue, but since they don't have a solution and not everybody is experiencing it they're just denying it.


For why not everybody is experiencing those issues, I can only guess. Maybe the servers are overloaded and can't respond to all requests in time, and they are using some sort of priority queue so that not everybody experience random lagg issues, keeping the global impression that the game is running fine, making us the unlucky ones.

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