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Abusing arena invisible wall is real


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People keep abusing the border (invisible wall) in the arena...

This starting to pizz me off >.>

Get push into a corner then opponent spam their skills at you

If you try to SS or anything, you can't escape

Cuz of the invisible wall there that blocking u 

Don't even try to re-position urself so you can escape out of that corner

You get daze or stun lock there

Once you get stunned you can't move ur camera or anything other than using ur tab XD


Lets say you playing as FM or SM and you vs an assassin

Just have ur back face to the wall, then spam ur range skill. The assassin will try to use the decoy to go in stealth. But the moment the assassin use the decoy, they will teleport behind you. 

Behind you is a wall. You just basically lock him down and just spam your cc skill, they won't have a chance to do anything.


BM or FM or destroyer or whatever

Just grab them and push them to a corner then stun lock them there or freeze them there

Then burst all ur crazy damage at them

Instant win >.>


This really need a rework

Instead of having a map that people can use to abuse the invisible wall there during the fight

Why don't we have an endless map with a lock distance between 2 players so they can't get far away from each other

If you ever play assassin creed, you will see how the assassin creed loading screen work

It has an endless map, you can run and do anything you want in there

Think it like that

So we can fight freely without having that invisible wall restriction

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Unsurprisingly, wall fighting is actually a core mechanic of most fighting games. I've never had a problem with it but I'm still conscious to use the wall to my advantage or to avoid it if I'm being pressured. And imagine how annoying Assassins and Summoner's would be if the arena was limitless? Or even just bigger for that matter.

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Because YOU can't counter it by forcing HIM into the corner, right?


Unless you're only speaking about Assassins...too bad lol. Throw a ranged attack, go to the other side of the arena and wait. Then keep yourself in the middle so that the other player can't lead you into the wall.

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