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Critical Rate and Piercing Rate Cap in %


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On 2/24/2016 at 5:29 AM, Gwen said:

60% is for crit then you start geting DMs its the same for pve and owpvp arena gear dont matter and i dont really know about the Piercing cap

Piercing and accuracy caps are determined by the level of the mob you are fighting. I am unsure of the exact cap.


On 2/24/2016 at 5:09 AM, LordRalph said:

Anyone know what is cap for Critical Rate and Piercing Rate Cap in % for PvE and PvP?


I mean the official cap rates. Please reply and thank you.

There is technically no critical cap rate, but it does suffer from increasing diminushing returns the more you put ressources into it. Sadly tho, crit chance is the only offensive secondary stat so far and is worth putting all extra you can into it.

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So, you can exceed 60% on Critical Rate then? I reached 56% only tho. Want to put crit more but just making sure if there's a cap or not. So that stats won't be wasted.


How about level 45 bosses on Piercing? What's the cap?

Geezus. I hope any official cap rates from game masters or game helpers or moderators or any authorized official in this game. Looking forward from them tho. It's really important to post official cap rates.

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