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Bag Space frustration


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1. I have an extra bag but whenever I want to allocate the bag with its 8 spaces it asks me if I want to do it yes or no, I press yes and nothing happens. Sometimes it asks me    if I want to delete this elite item


2. It keeps telling me that I cannot use my bag because "the overflow inventory already has items in it and cannot be used". My bag is half full and many empty spaces since I emptied it out at warehouse!

I logged and came back but nothing seems to fix it


So basically I cannot go on because nothing fits in my bag any longer even though it is half empty.


Reminds me of a toaster I once purchased. It would not work and then the shopkeeper enlightened me, "On" means off and "off" means on. I did this and toaster worked fine. It was made in China. Maybe the translation on this bag thing is wrong or something ?

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