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Come to me, evil black magic powers! >:3

So I will have him as my Warlock. Too bad he won't look like this. :/ We could at least get this hairstyle...  

I'm happy with this one atm, but I might edit him more so he'll look like Kuja from Final Fantasy 9 :p      

I had a preset that I shared in another thread:




Then I played around with it some more and while it may look the same to most, I reworked her eye shape and changed the color to red. I am loving it so far. Hopefully this is it because I spent way too much time on character create :3





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I'm surprised so many are rolling female jin tbh, I know the sexualised things with female chars in this game, but a lot of the Costumes are very awkward or bad on their model, the Male Jins have much more Warlockish Armour throughout all levels in the game and cash store...

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I posted my previous preset for Warlock at another thread (Show off your characters) But today I made another preset and like how he just looks more tired lol


Previous preset:



Current and probably final preset:




Also, short and slim Jin because imagining him summoning Thrall on those who ever said he looks girly is fun.



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6 minutes ago, ShadowRose said:

Didn't even know that making it in advance was possible >.> made one of every class and their all lvl 25 - 45 so im screwed till the patch lol

Damn, that's too bad. ^^' You can save the appearances of characters in the character creation (so you can use those anytime as preset) or ingame in the gallery. :)


Well, just yesterday I posted my character on the other thread, but here it is again then. xD





I'm actually still working a little on the jaw/chin, because IG it looked too thin. :/ I hope I can improve that, because otherwise I'm really happy with her. :)

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