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Black screen after patching


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After the last patch when I log in, then click play now : The dragon pops up and as I would load into the char selection screen.. Instead my screens go blank, video signal is lost, Button reset doesn't work. I have to unplug the computer to restart.


Thing to note :

This only happens with B&S

I have a 8350 cpu and 280x gpu

I haven't had any issues prior to patch

I am not running any razor or asus programs

I'm a A+ tech with a watercooled rig that runs way under recommended temps.


What I've tried already

Resetting OS

Clean install drivers

B&S file repair

Launching in windowed/compatibility modes

Completely reinstalling game.

Reinstalling directx


I'm running out of things to try, please help.


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So I figured out after awhile that other games would crash while nclauncher was open and not when it was closed. My gpu was having a problem switching back and forth between between power saving modes. Running the launcher as admin and setting higher priority solved it. Incase anyone with a 280x/win10/crimson drivers has this issue, the same fix should hopefully work.

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