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Siren Bracelet / BiS Bracelet? Questions


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I keep asking in guild and faction chat but no one can provide a clear answer so i will try here.

Currently, the siren bracelet is blue. Question 1- is this bracelet upgradeable? if not, which one is? Or more precisely, which bracelet should i use?

Second, the pirate bracelet is an evolution material, does this mean i should use this and upgrade it (if upgradeable) or is it used to upgrade the siren like in the belt?


Any info would be appreciated.


TLDR: what bracelet to use?

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Not really, not all the info is there because it just says Pirate Bracelet - Evolution material and thats it. It doesnt specify if its the one that evolves and the blue siren bracelet is the one people were talking about using so there were obviously doubts with me and many others

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