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So what caused the soulstone price to suddenly plunge?


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Bots in the Arena farming beans and buying soulstone bags.  If you setup 100 bots to farm beans, and you fight each other and real players, you can easily earn 30 soulstone pouches every couple hours, sell them for bottom dollar, and repeat the process for 24 hours.


Bots don't have to take a break, so they can farm hundreds of soulstones per day.


Then everyone plays the under-cutting game instead of matching prices, so the supply is saturated and the demand (while still high) doesn't have to pay "normal" prices.

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8 minutes ago, gewd said:

If bots were the cause then why didn't it start a few days after the BSH patch instead of over a week after?

First they have to farm enough small dragon certs so they can do a couple days straight of arena botting. That way if they get banned they already cashed in a ton of gold and transferred it elsewhere. I actually faced a bot in arena today that I had seen a few days ago in skittering tunnels and daily at faction area >.<

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