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NCSOFT this is a joke...RLY


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hello there


since i want to say smth different than the others i will say this,


I dont care about spammers, gold sellers, bots, unbalanced classes and so on and so on... i play for fun and it means doing quest upgrading gear. i dont even play arenas. The main problems are:

1. lags like hell. sorry NC but u can do better,,, its pretty sad how u dont care about us players who invest our time and money so u can eat cheesburgers and get fat sitting and laugting at as.

2. constant dc's from server... like WTF??!! when im questing and get dc i dont complain. but if im doing e.fleet and wait for poh 30min and poh spawns and in middle of fight i get dc... so WTF? why are u waisting my time NC? i rly feel like quitting the game since this game is becoming more and more unplayable.


NC if u want our money and u want to have ppl playing this game do smth. in my entire gaming history i had never seen such great game with so much problems. i used to speak badly about gameforge and i thought they are the worst but maybe i was wrong.


i litterally am waisting my time for this game and even writing this sh it. sorry for english im angry and am going sleep. 


NC keep up the good work and soon u will have a dead game in EU :) such a waste. bns should have better publisher.

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I was going to make fun of this unorthodox grammar butchered post, but the OP has a very legitimate point. This lag is just horrendous and it's not just EU. For a player from Califirnia to experience this much lag while connecting to a Dallas server is just unacceptable. I barely made the time limit doing floor 7 yesterday with a pirate weapon. Why? The f***ing spells just would not go off. 

2...2! .... TWO YOU PIECE OF $#!7 TWO!!! 


Boss des moved and 2 goes off literally 2 seconds later. Boss is behind me now. Ss, SS! SSSSSSSSSSSSSS GOD $&@! SSSSS 30% of my life later I SS but the boss is no longer even attacking.  You can only imagine how the arena went.  Sorry NCSoft but this lag is unacceptable and is at the moment #1 on my problems list, surpassing bots.  I understand that this will take a heavy toll on the company because servers aren't cheap, so I'll be reasonable. My wallet will remain open (assuming I don't see those god forsaken RNG boxes). I'll buy some outfits if they are sexy enough or other stuff to show my support.  If however in 3 months the latency doesn't drop below 100 during peak times (yes peak!), I will take my wallet somewhere else.  This is more than reasonable.  I conjecture you'll make the right choice NCSoft and realize that people are not against you, they are just upset, but easily satisfied when they see a positive change.  Why conjecture? Well, your track record is anything but stoking (jokes aside, it's deplorable).

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Just now, Formus said:

well, i had maybe 2 disconnects since EU relase. And if i have lags, then it is caused by 2much ppl at one place like bw or field dung last bosses. So according to my personal experience, the problém is NOT in the game.

Nn game maybe not, but in servers and infrastructure sure. Many ppl have these issues. If you dont we not too? Come on! Grow up!

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I don't have d/c problem (happen 1 in a blue moon) but the lag is real and I  tested my ping to Dallas...it's 20 ms so don't even say i need better ISP cause i'm using the fastest one in my area just abit slower than Fiber Optic internet.

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Actually although op has a point but I think this lag u guys are having is most likely caused by the pure amount of bots in game which basically is turning into a ddos effect on NC servers hahaha


Or so I would suspect at least but honestly speaking of bad servers u should have tried league of legends euw from about 2013 till last year haha that server is more frustrating than anything else meanwhile riot made it work perfectly fine on NA servers lmao 


Even now that euw server still makes me bitter. So I quit XD


But I personally haven't experienced much dcs or lags in game well over 90% of the lags and dcs I experienced so far would either be in mushin tower or a fight vs poh or mysterious man in efleet/ nightshade. Well also ofc bw which I totally gave up


I rarely even do the misty faction dailies anymore cost if either blue or red plans on doing bw that place became over flooded with constant lags XD

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just to clarify.


my pc:

amd 6100 4x4.0 ghz

8gb ram

gf gtx550 1gb

ssd storage


bns runs on max details very smooth. i don't complain about lag in-game made by loss of fps.

my internet connection is 100mb/s

every game i play is running smoothly and with no lags.


with bns... i can play normally without lags or dc's but only around 6-12am gmt+1. around 4pm-11pm the game is pretty much one big lag.

if i want to do mushin i need to get up early... if i want to do dungs i need to get up early. if i dont have time in the morning i can just forget about mushin and dungs for the day.


and rly guys. i can take care of my pc. heck my pc is cleaner than 99% of users here. my router is fine too. i never experience lags in games like lol, wot and few other mmo's. so i dont think its my connection/pc.


besides there is too many ppl complaining about lags, lag spikes, dc's and so on. so it must be ncsoft fault or rather their servers or infrastructure dunno. if u can believe what task manager in windows says i get around 80-100ms at mornings and 200-250ms with spikes and freezes at evenings.


btw im from poland

and the server im playing : ebon hall ( the bots and gold spammers are real - last time i was at jiangshi i saw like 20 of them running around)


so whats the point playing game where there is so much problems? why cant we have caring publisher? i want this game to run lag free, bot free, gold sellers free. is it that much to ask? other games have problems too but not that much... and NC is pretty known comapny so i expected more from then not this sh it...


again sorry for my english

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