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People don't like summoner because we have easy times pve but.... what about sins?


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Err sins much more op in pvp if u play it like a *cricket* honestly it's just ppls pride made them play it like a half warrior lol 



At the end of the day summoner isn't even a pvp class lmao also beating summoner isn't that hard kfm blade dancers fm all have easy time vs summoners...


As kfm can combo well over half ur hp if done right 


Bd ignores ur snare permanently also can kill half ur hp during iframe


Fm bursts u 100-0 once ur petal finishes so ya I don't get why ppl have complain lol 


And vs ur cat all they have to do is repeatedly knock it unconscious and then blaze ur hp bar easy mode as u cannot iframe while cat is unconscious... 


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Sins are extremely strong in Pvp.. But it require a very good game knowlegde and understanding of other classes.

me and my mates have encountered plenty of summoners in tag 1900 and over. that rush in face of a des that just popped Fury.. 
Basicly. Picture this as a single player game its like seeing people complete game on easy mode while they complete it at hard mode.  that is what i noticed triggers people.  I think summoners have stupid healing bein utterly disguisting in tag with 2 sum 1 Des,Sin or KFM.  But its not impossible or OP. they just sit with slighly stronger Cards and well... healing

If you enjoy summoner keep playing it, but it will be seen on as easy mode because you dont need the same game knowlegde as other classes(until really really high end)
Not saying no one takes the time or wishes to but why should they do it when not needed.

It will change once 50 patch hit and we all on more even ground, and people learned to play agienst summoner more. but i do fear for the casual summoners :<

<- being destroyer and helping my old father with understanding his summoner for now since he doesnt have the time or effort to do it himself. ..  i can really be annoyed by summoners high up most of them expoilt the paw, and iframes stuns so on. along with doing double summoner with timing heals and alike. But ye its cheap players like Theres Des and Sins. just how it Works


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Honestly 2 summoners in one party is no where near devastating when u have 2 good kfms or 2 des and a sin on same team in tag matches 


Because when a team have 2 kfm and a blade master you will find trouble to stay alive XD 


Against the sin destroyer set it's like u stay in middle of the field gets rent by the sin, run to the wall gets rekt by the destroyers also when it freaking happens you lose 100% of your hp fast enough especially with the kfm n bm combo... once you take one hit of cc even at Max hp you are done for not even have the time to tag lol I personally have met the kfm bm combos a couple of times literally everyone on my team who got hit by one cc and by that I mean any form of it loses at least 80% hp if they don't instant escape it lmao so if 2 sum on same team is rare then so is 2 kfms oh nc please delete kfm from tag matches tyvm XD 


Above can be the same reason for any class hahaha,  special edition: sins have perma invis so remove them from 1v1 matches please,  destroyers do tons of dmg once u get caught by them near a wall, delete walls in arena :3 , kfms can chain each others combo easily ban them from tag matches please, bm have an ever lasting block remove dmg reduction from block please,  FM's do crap ton of dmg rapidly nerf their dmg please, bds have long Iframes and spinning gives them a deflect delete please, oh and sums have a cat delete please or maybe delete heal too.... 



After saying all this I realised let's delete the game altogether XD


Get my point now XD 

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