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Need Help! How to Deal with Terrors?


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I am lvl 45 Sin and I had tried my luck to get loot from Terrors.

But to no reward, I usually always die at least once and never get loot.

So anyone with knowledgeable about Terros would you please help me, and explain how to deal with them as an Assassin.


My gear is

SS: Moonwater Arena and/or BSH (Blue) + Endless Tower 3 piece.

True Infernal Dagger (4 Gems)

Awekned Infernal Neckle, Earring, Ring

Siren Belt

Siren  Breclet


Playing in the Lighting Stealth spec, with perma¤ stealth. But I just keep dying, is there some way to know what Terrors are doing.

What are their rotation etc... Cause I couldnt find any guide and starting to think its Boss only for range classes.


Cheers folks

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5 minutes ago, Phorni said:

I remember there is a YouTube video on how to fight terror but I don't remember the link. 

Just search blade and soul terror on YouTube or the other way around terror blade and soul

You should be able to find it

I did, there aren't really any videos that showcase and guide how you should fight the Terrors as an Melee actually.

The only one I found was from beta, and they just kept them CCed. Now their aren't CCable so, its completly different.


Looking at other video showcasing Summoner teaching how to tank it, he doesn't showcase Terror rotation, if there is any.

Otherwise there weren't any guides or anything, I searched Google and didn't find much for last 2 days.

That's why Im typing here.

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