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Complete Moonwater Profession Chart


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24 minutes ago, Kanosaki said:

*pat* good job!
I wonder if you can just embed the image though? since your post is so short, I dont think people mind about the post long since it's so informative.


Thx for the advise. I edited the post with chart embed in addition to the link.

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8 minutes ago, Kanosaki said:

Missing information
Soul stone reward:
Misty wood faction quest
Pouch bag exchanged from Mushin tower's NPC using mushin token
Pouch bag exchanged from pvp reward npc using 2k zen beans


Thx again for the help. I'm still bit new to the game so really appreciate the new info

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1 hour ago, Mryrita said:

which vendor is that from?


1 hour ago, Kanosaki said:

If I recalled correctly, the one beside the vault npc in mushin tower. (This might be wrong now that you mentioned, let me double check that tonight)


just checked and NPC in mushin tower that sells soulstone is just another zen bean trader. He sells pouch for same price as any other zen bean trader, 2k beans n 1 small dragon certificate.

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