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Uninstalling, free items.


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How is he being a downer? Hes addressing some serious issues that are causing a lot of people to quit, and seeing no answer from NCsoft  / even acknowledge it makes it even worse. Be happy hes giving away free currency ect to the community. Some of you guys are so toxic..

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Just now, voodooblade said:

Well I am done. Gonna uninstall today, just handed out my 650g and items to a level 12. I could live with the balance gripes, I could semi tolerate the ping going from 25 to 180-250 in arena....These I was hoping would be addressed. After hitting plat it became clear me going to diamond with the current ping would be nearly impossible. As at that level of play 1 error as BM and it's easily gg. The flood of bots making 3v3 hilariously broken. Today I played 5 games, 4 of 5 had 2 player bots. The flood of bots, silence from the Dev's and increase of hackers has made me realize that for the community which is Toxic and it's rapidly dwindling size that my time would be better spent playing another competitive game. Because as of now; the game is Lol worthy in it's current state. 

I have a BD lighting dram HM book if anyone from Mushin want's it who is a BD.  I will also be handing away my 500 Soul stones, and 20 Moonwater trans stones. I will be leaving the forums indefinitely within the next hour so if you hurry before then I'll send you the junk. otherwise I am uninstalling the game and not gonna reinstall for you. 


Server is Mushin btw


And for you trolls, don't worry I already found a song to express your mood. Enjoy. <3



How did you get

How did you get so much gold?

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Lot of haters, but only 1 person asked how this dude amassed so much resources. 

His accumulated more wealth than the person hating on him. Oh and FYI, no reason to diss on him, pretty sure this dude has spent more money on this game than any of you f2p players. f2p players who think the server runs on love and peace (lol),

But hey, i yo uwanna support the game to be live for a long time, I hope you f2p players actually contribute to the company hosting the game, because NCSOFT shuts down games if it doesnt make profit. Its a business, whether long term or short term.


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