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HM Switching Fire to Ice with no Target Help


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As the title says, how do i switch to Ice without a target please?


I just tried to do 4 man Supply Chain and in the Slashimi fight ran into issues.

I need my defensive skills when he dives into the ground. This makes for 2 problems, first i have no target to use to switch to Ice and no space bar prompts appear on screen to use.

The second, when i go into that phase as ice, combat drops and my bottom skill bar with my defensive skills vanishes and as such the skills dont work.


Soooo im not sure how to get around thats, any advice to access my defense skills would be appreciated.

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Use E to get into frost stance i use it right when hes about to attack so u can use ur veil and frost sheath in 1 switch if u od it early ur stance will run out and u wont be able to sheath the hot water attacks. Alternatively u can keep 1 mob alive to help u switch but usually theyre killed

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