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What to do after level 45?


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51 minutes ago, Lucentyr said:

Okay so I have hit level 45, Dark Arts 1 but now I have no idea what to do or where to grind.. Any suggestions? I have tried the pirate area but it hurts like mad...

If it hurts maybe you need better gear. Misty woods quests /faction quests , big 4 dungeons and 24 man POH are pretty much the easiest things to do at 45. If you're struggling with those then something is not right. Make sure to have true profane weapon and infernal awakened accessories. Get a blue belt/bracelet, helps a bit with HP and def. Get Moonwater arena soul shield from misty woods faction zone (find a channel where your faction is farming insignias), takes a few hours to make but 30k+ HP is a must. Farm 24h man POH (blackram supply) for the quests, now bosses get killed non-stop so it's easy to do all quests pretty fast. Do your arena dailies for the zen beans, wait until gold at least to cash in on the soulstone pouches.

After you have decent gear start farming mushin tower and Blood/Night Shade Harbor, 6 man POH and w/e else you find. There is so much content for PVE that it hurts just to think about it. PVP not so much.

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