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Looking for Advice BD vs Sin


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So until recently I've been doing pretty good vs. sin.

In fact my win ratio was probably around 70% against them.

I think more and more sin are learning how to play their class very nicely now because my new ratio is about 0% against them.

Every time i turn around I'm blinded and when I'm not blinded they warp behind me or switch places with them behind me.

Then if I managed to use Maelstrom or Z with good timing when they swap places they do something else to go invisible and run away to reset cds.

And if I manage to F during Phantom Grab (If I can get it to land on them since they keep their distance when not invisible) I watch them go through ~4 different invisible skills.

I know of their 2 and what the animation looks like so that's not whats doing it.


So my 2 counters I have for sin is to use my V when they 2.

And pressing F in Phantom Grip to stop them from going invisible.


Anything I'm missing?

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