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explain draw stance to me, i dont get it


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hey guys,


i am a lbd lvl 40 now and i do know the skill. thats is what i first want to throw out there. i mostly played with wind builds, with are pretty satisfying and also flexible. you can use all your stuff, dodge and all that and its going good. but yeah, its focused on aoe. so i tried lightning builds several times through the leveling rpocess and i still dont like it, because of the fact, that you have one only (2 if skilled) and long cooldown to get into draw stance, you lose it easily if you get cc'd. while leveling and questing, i think its horrible. but especially to nuke bosses and stuff, it would be really interesting to play lightning and use the immense burst potential.


so yeah, here come my questions:


1. what the *cricket* are the buffs and all that associated with draw stance. since bns does do a horrible job at skill informations, spreading them out all over the skill thre and shit, i have no chance really understand these different lightning buffs. i call them this way, because i am german and playing on the german client. so yeah, it seems like our translation seems to be even more *cricket*ed than the english one.


please give me a rundown what all these things do.


2. what leaves to be in draw stance, and what makes you leave it?

its really mind buggning me. as far as i do know, you leave draw stance if your each zero focus. good one. next is that you leave it, if you get out of combat. understand. so how can it be, that sometimes i stay like forever in draw stance while fighting a boss, and have full focus all the time (alternating between f and lmb) nuking like crazy and randomly drop the *cricket* out.? i really dont get it. i could be a fan of these builds around draw stance, if it would be more consistent and if the discriptions wouldnt be that awful.


and last of all, please tell me, whaT skills i definitelyy should avoid while in draw stance, to not get kicked out. i only spam f, lmb and rmb because i dont want to lose draw stance again. 


so yeah, questions asked, i hope you guyys can help me. i wanna enjoy my lbm and not be frustrated by this crap.

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Hello mate, i'll try and help you out.


Draw stance changes 3 skills, the LMB, the RMB and the F key,the LMB one is a super auto atk, if you skill it, it will be a major single target(or aoe) dps, and for pvp is a good finisher for those last 10k hp. the RMB one, can be 3 different things, 1st skill tree, you go to the back of your opponent, and at max, you can cast it 3 times in a row and it does damage, 2nd tree, makes you go to the back of the opponent and stuns him for 2s. 3rd thee, gives you a block, much like KFM and BM.

the F key has 2 skill builds as well but the 2nd one is the best, it becomes a spam skill to alternate between LMB and F, and does a ton of damage. vs single bosses, it is (IMO) the biggest damage you can do over time.

basically Draw stance makes you into a machine gun, you will spam LMB+F, and press RMB to escape a skill or stun a enemy or block a dangerous skill, depending on your preference.
the biggest draw back of the draw skill (puns!) is the fact that you are limited to being a DPS machine, and almost any other skill will remove the draw stance. the only other skill you can use, if i'm recalling correctly, is the W in the stun tree.

Draw stance also gets removed if you run out of focus, so while you have focus, you have draw stance.
another thing, if you want the biggest possible DPS while in draw, you should spec your Z skill into the one of the right, that gives you 50%crit, it makes your F always available.


to use draw stance, you need to be SURE you won't be under any CC, because using TAB will remove it, so you can't run away from the CC. 
in PVP, only use draw stance when you are SURE you won't get CC(GL vs the new FM mate).

in PVE, just use it while you can to remove some bosses, it can do easilly over 100k damage in under 10s.

so in short:
you are a DPS machine
any skill will remove it, other than LMB,RMB,Z,F and 2 in stun tree.
you can have an extra draw stance if you spec R into it (not recommended by me).


any other question ask i'll try and help.

source: i'm a BD

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Auto-Switches to basic stance mostly happening to me if using 2nd draw stance ability(Storm Cleave),You can see that the stamina meter gets green for a brief moment(during combat ofc:D) meaning you are out of combat and thus ending your draw stance with full focus under a mob,nice:D
Really annoying.

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