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Current tier list of classes and at 50?


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1 hour ago, Tekare said:

Just interested in how the classes are balanced


Still kinda hard to tell with the immature meta. If I had to give a list right now, I'd say

  1. Kung Fu Master
  2. Blade Dancer
  3. Summoner
  4. Force Master
  5. Assassin
  6. Destroyer
  7. Blade Master

but that's just my personal opinion. The top 50 right now are a mix, dominant specs are KFM, summoner, and BD. FM is especially hard to read because you see very, very, very few of them. BM are struggling ATM, is the only class you're unlikely to succeed with regardless of effort.

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48 minutes ago, Tekare said:

Why are destroyers so bad now? I remember they used to be at the top with summoner, sucks because I just started leveling one :(


They're not bad. They're just a bit easy to read and counter. Ease of use helped them out early, like it helped out Summoner and Blade Dancer quite a bit, but Destroyer hits a wall much earlier and ends up requiring much tighter execution to succeed. Several classes (Assassin, FM, KFM) have a simple go-to strategy against Destroyer which will absolutely maul players without comparatively high skill and discipline. Where BDs have long combos and strong defensive spec to wear out any accidental CC breaks (tab being both CC break and core parry/resist spin), Destroyer has nothing sans a 1-minute-cooldown 5-second buff if they spec that way and lose Fury. Destroyer defenses weaken as players shift toward using Stone Shield offensively, while other classes have burst recovery that doesn't require them to hold a Kill-Me Badge for 4 seconds. As players get better, Destroyer doesn't seem so OP anymore. It's just easier to work around them, compared to how difficult it is to work around the lightning-fast BD or endless-iframe KFM.

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