Need DPS meter in the game.

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Wow, can't believe this post is still alive. Okay, I think I mention what I posted again for some people to understand. I did mention DPS meter but I also mentioned it should have amount of damage taken, CC per minutes, and etc to let other players know what type of contributions were made by other party members. I know KFM is not specialized in DPS, and good KFM can make good contributions in dungeons. So it's not all about DPS specialized class, but also other classes.


Some of you mention "elitist" behavior, but let's make it clear that it's not about "elitist" sheit. It's about staying competitive. Reason I mentioned about DPS meter is because BSH boss has enrage timer. Your party has to have certain amount of DPS to clear the dungeon! Don't you guys understand that? It's not all about kicking bad players, but it may come as a good reference when clearing dungeons that have enrage timers.


Honestly, I don't think DPS meter will be included in the game because I know NCSoft has better things to do than making DPS meter. I made this thread because I was overwhelmed with consecutive BS in dungeons where me and my friend having to finish the dungeon duo. Look people, everyone wanna run through dungeon with minimum effort, and DPS meter can help with that, no doubt.


Besides, you people say toxic, but god dam, some people in dungeon give me cancer. SERIOUSLY. What is wrong with you people? When you work on a project in real world, you don't wanna have dead weight dragging it down. It sounds like you guys wanna defend slackers and call hardworking people toxic when they call em out. Slackers deserve to insulted. Period.

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4 minutes ago, Archess said:


Like when we went into Brightstone dungeon the other day, 5 lvl 45's and one lvl 43, first thing someone says, "kick the lvl 43".... i ask why ? the response: he is lvl 43....guess the guy skipped being 43 i suppose and Brightstone is so hard it needs 6 lvls i refused. Immidiatly the guy jumps to a conclusion and types: oooh i get it, its your friend.

Now skip to a dps meter and much more bad shit will come out of it.


The only place a DPS meter is good, is a Raid with your guild and an officer uses it to asses peoples DPS and what they could do to get some people to improve it, not judge 6 strangers in a stupid dungeon you can solo.

You're kinda off on the first part - if people don't have a DPS meter, they will instead filter out on Level, Gear, perceived DPS level of a class, character names...

If I play a low DPS class now I might be booted because "lel low dps" - if there were DPS meters around, I could prove that perception wrong.


On the second part you're right - DPS meters don't matter in F8.

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22 hours ago, Celestine said:

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. I've experienced myself the introduction of the first DPS meter in WoW classic. At first, there were 2 competing DPS meters and they were quite inaccurate. With time, they got better and better. Back then, I was a progress player. Our whole raid group was so fixated on this tool, it became toxic. Voices requested to kick raidmembers with lowest DPS output. Suddenly single target DPS classes started to do idiotics things just to boost DPS. Players did not evade attacks because of DPS loss and let healers compensate it. DPS players did not use aggro reducing skills as they bring no DPS. So our tanks lost aggro and the raid got wiped. In the end, raid management forbid the DPS meter. It only got better as we got an Aggro-meter.


Keep in mind that all kind of dumb people use the DPS meter. Often you heard people to kick the tank or healer "because of low DPS".



Yup and i've had similar experiences to this in my WoW classic-tbc raiding days.  Like for example people trying to pad meters on trash by spamming AOE abilities like seed of corruption when they were all instructed to do single target dps.  Of course we were an organized group and the GM, RL, RA's and class leads werent idiots and we knew how to read a damage meter and parsed data and say to these people "uhh yah spam seed of corruption less we see what you're doing".


Funny thing is that the same kind of stuff is happening today but if you're in a random pug group/lfg or in an inexperienced raid group you'll get applauded for doing the kind of stuff i mentioned.  Or the stuff that Celestine mentioned like ignoring mechanics and letting healers pick up a dpsers slack just so they can dps harder. In the hands of a competent group or lead damage meters are good tools to have.  But you need to also think about how features can be exploited and abused.  So in the case of a damage meter you need to ask yourself what would happen with it if put in the hands of your average gamer-idiot.

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I agree that we need it, but for entirely different reasons. I'd like the dummies to show damage (per second and all damage done+time needed). Similar to wildstar with galaxymeter. Something like that. 



Because i want to know what *MY* damage is. So i can compare it to other skill rotations, other builds, other gear options and stuff like that. So i can be most usefull for my group.


What OP suggested, in order to compare group members, would basically split people based on their internet connection. Cuz, if you didnt realise until now, ping directly related to dps for most classes (anicanceling). You can watch the profile of people and check their AP & Crit, that should be enough to estimate their damage. Everything else is based on connection and i really dont want to create a 2-class-community between people with a <80 ping and a >80 ping or smth... that would destroy the game.


Just make better dummies that actually show you dps, and all damage over the amount of time you needed (for bursty classes like bm, ..) and while you are at it, dummies that block, can get debuffed with poison, or attack you so that you can actually block, would be needed as well. Otherwise dummies would be utterly useless for some classes and builds. Oh wait, that's actually the situation we have right now ;)

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