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additional damage vs attack power


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Additinonal damage is damage added when you use a skill so it will be like this:


skill before: 7,000-8,900

skill when in use: 7,300-9,200


Attack power is the attack power amount being added to your total attack power looks as such:


Attack power before gem: 


Attack power after gem:



I used a 28 Attack power gem btw. Those are expensive usually between 35-90 gold. 


I take attack power over additional damage whenever I can. But both are good and similar. 

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No, this two gems are not similar in terms of strength. Attack power is a significantly stronger stat, since all your damage scales with attack power. Therefore using this gem increases your damage significantly. The damage gain, using the 28 attack power gem, is comparable to upgrading from Awakened Profane to True Siren in terms of pure attack power. On the other hand using the additional damage gem only gives an extra proc of 28 damage on each attack you do. This is an immensely weaker bonus and the reason for the price difference in this two gems.

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