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Reducing other players' combat FX


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Thus far I've been enjoying myself quite a lot ingame, but I ran into a huge issue.

In e-fleet and nightshade harbor, my framerate tanks to literally unplayable levels during group encounters, such as the thrasher or the masked man. It has gotten so bad, that despite engaging masked man at 100% HP and surviving the fight, spamming cooldowns etc, it lagged so much that the game considered my damage too little to count as a quest completion.

This actively prevents me from finishing group dailies, since my framerate often drops below 1FPS from the incredible amount of player FX spam on the target, and makes it also absolutely impossible for me to tell what the target is actually doing, since all I can see is a wildly flashing and color-changing glowy.. something on screen.


I already have "Optimize for combat" enabled, have set "Other player FX" to level 1, and use CTRL + F to hide other players, but for some reason the player FX are still displayed, and apparently the game doesn't have a cap for effects, so the dozens of different FX all stack to create an unplayable lag for me.


Now my question:
Is there anything else I can do to actually turn off player FX or boost my performance more, or am I just out of luck at this point and have to accept that I simply can't finish those dailies, or properly fight other bot-farmed bosses like the profane jiangshi?


As a quick system overview:

windows 7

intel core i7 960 @ 3.0ghz

geforce gtx 680

16 gb ram


And as mentioned before, the general game is fine, just the huge FX spam on group bosses late-game kills my FPS and even causes flat-out freezes for 5-10 seconds on the masked man fight.


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Strange, your set up seems the same if not a bit better than my own, but my frame rate only drops to around ~7 with "optimized for combat". I usually go with everything set to 3 out of 5 before I switch on optimized for combat, which gets me 50+ fps in arena and decent fps anywhere else except maybe a blackwyrm raid. :P

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Might be because I run more background apps probably, I'll shut some of those down next time. With most games it makes no difference whatsoever, but I've noticed some titles really don't like them running, so I'll see about that.


Still, being able to turn off other player FX would be epic, because frankly, I can't see anything during fights, unless we fight things like the Devourer, which are 20 feet tall. But anything human sized might as well not exist, for all I can see them doing

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