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Let us kick afkers


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Just did couple of dungeon runs and i have yet to finish single one without someone afking especially funny is that mostly afkers are ppl with full gear from lab and what not. I dobut there would be that many ppl abusing system if it requires majority vote as in 5 out of 6 ppl or 4 out 6 a lot less risky then seeing afk person on every freaking run.


The only negative side from this would be that elitism would jump up and unless you had well geared char doing any later

dungeon would be really hard.

But yeah easiest solution would be that you need to inflict at least some dmg to boss to get access to bidding.

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If not kick, the game needs some kind of AFK detection that can't be fooled by pressing spacebar every few mins. Formula that checks damage done overall and on bosses maybe. If everything is (close to) zero and this happens multiple times on different runs, the game could give penalty. Like permabanning your account, uninstalling the game, then formatting your PC and after that causing power supply to surge which breaks your hardware.


Yes I'm that annoyed of carrying AFK's.

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