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Make Peace not War


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I propose that those on the Junghado Server, between the Factions we have a Rule where if some one on the Opposing Faction Attacks you then you have the Right to defend yourself. 


Or well on any server really.


I think it can help everyone who does the faction quests

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"Make Peace not War"


You missed the point of the faction thing completely.


I´ll attack anybody wearing a PvP-dobok if I think I can win. Doesn´t matter if he talks to an Npc, looks afk or already fighting mobs or another player.

In the same fashion, I entirely accept when someone attacks me during factions quest, gangs me or lies in hiding behind a critical faction npc.


It´s fun, and if you adopt this mentality, you will save yourself alot of frustration - and everybody else alot of QQ

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