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Which crafting guild is worthy at the moment ?


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Hi everyone , recently i'm into crafting . But there is a problem , so far i heard that Radiant Ring guild is good for money because i stumbled into an argument with my friend that he went Radiant Ring and made tons of money out of those gems . But in another hand Soul Warden + Merry potter are good for making money end game + those transformation stone , i said . So i need experience enough people give me idea on which crafting guild should i go in the near future patches .

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Crafting does not really get you much profit in this game (at the present time). 


Most craftable items are consumables that drop frequently from dailies and questing, like dumplings and repair hammers. It's not that you CAN'T sell them on the marketplace, buy you won't make much. There is a SERIOUS cost curve as you level up your recipes... for example, making TWO dumplings costs 29 copper in guild fees (and an hour of waiting); making FIVE dumplings costs 101 copper (and 2 hours); and making TEN dumplings costs 1067 copper (and 3 hours 29 mins).



Level 1 dumplings = 13c each

Level 2 dumplings = 20.2c each

Level 3 dumplings = 106.7c each

...not including wait times. 


Current average marketplace price for a dumpling is 15 copper - so the only way to "profit" is to trickle out two at a time, and hope you get a copper in profit (after listing fees). You'll lose money with the higher level recipes; there's no reason to use them other than to level your crafting guild rep.


Right now, there are very few recipes that grant any "real' profit. Generalities are:

-- Soul Wardens - make Transformation Stones, the level 3 ones are required for high level gear upgrades (but are VERY expensive to make)

-- Merry Potters - makes Refiners that are required for many of the other professions

-- Tree Fellers - wood and sap are raw materials for the two guild above

-- Green Thumbs - clay/soil used by Merry Potters

...every other guild is pretty much crap...

-- Forgekeepers make repair tools and weapons (you'll get plenty from questing) 

-- Radiant Ring makes keys (expensive) and Diamond gems (also expensive, most are hard to sell). These guys were GREAT in the beta, as they could make rings and neck pieces that you could use for gear upgrades (you need 3x as many of these as you do weapons), but Western version REMOVED these recipes.

-- Acquired Taste makes dumplings, outlined above.

-- Earthseers make unsealing charms (too expensive) and Revival charms (not often used IMHO)

-- Silver Cauldron makes Healing potions (again, these drop all the time from quests/mobs) and antidotes (i've never used one)

-- ALL of the gathering professions pair with one or two of the crafting guilds, but have been neutered (except Tree Fellers) in the NA version - half the items you can "gather" do ABSOLUTELY nothing (recipes using them were removed).


I love crafting in MMOs, but so far, this game's system is a little.... lacking. It's possible things will improve down the road, or once the economy stablizes, but I wouldn't hold out a lot of hope. I've got four toons with all the guilds, and i'm just spinning my wheels with these - I usually AT LEAST expect to be able to support my own characters with crafting, but the cost of endgame items (soulstones required) is making this impossible... other than the 100s of dumplings and healing pots I've stockpiled.


For a great breakdown of crafting, Google "Psycat Blade and Soul Crafting Guide" to find her writeup on Blade and Soul Dojo. She breaks it all down, with recommendations on early/late game choices.


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