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What gems are you all using?


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Just curious what gems you all are using in PVE/PVP. 

I personally have the +crit gem w/ 3 sec inv / life steal on crit/ +defense 

Are these good ones or am i completely way off? I'm 45 and currently trying to do mushin tower, shade dungeon for soul shields, and pvp dalies/faction dalies. Any insight on changing them a bit to better suit the content i'm playing?

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I've always used those four gems:

1- Diamond +25 Atk Power

2- Ruby 300/360 Dmg on Attack

3- Amethyst 140/170 Life Drain on Critical

4- Citrine 120 Dmg on Knocked Down enemies


I'm doing the same content that you trying to do, and those 4 gems works fine for me ^_^

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No, Attack Power is better than additional damage.


Attack power items adds to your base attack power, then this value is used to calculate damage of your skills, based on skill level and the setup multiplier for this skill.


Additional damage is added after all these calculations, on top of the damage value calculated.


So, if you increase your ATK by 25, then use a kill that does your 200% of your ATK, it will increase the total damage output up to 50.

If you use a 25 Additional damage gem, it will increase your damage output by up to 25.

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Let me clarify the difference ^_^


My summoner have 397 Atk Power.

Super Sunflower deal 2850-3135 that means 2992 dmg per hit.


If i remove +25 atk power i'll drop to 372 atk power

Super Sunflower now deal 2663-2948 that means 2805 dmg per hit if you even add +25 dmg gem you get 2830 per hit.


As you can seem Atk Power if alot better then Dmg ^_^

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