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disconnected from server


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2 hours ago, duhr said:



I have been re-posting my OP on all of these similar issue threads to try to attract attention from NCSOFT.


Still no response from NCSOFT, still the same issue.


On 2/16/2016 at 5:14 PM, duhr said:

Hi everyone,


My name is Steve aka "duhr". I've been playing Blade and Soul for about a month now, and I can say that I've enjoyed my countless hours on the game. I have also been an active forum reader, just not a poster (because I thought I would have to go through the trouble of making an account--but when something had to be said, I was glad to find out I only needed to log in to my game account). I am a paying customer under premium membership (and probably not for long..but that's another huge topic), so on top of the privileges that comes with, I expect the game to at the very least work--a factor not exclusive to premium members or free-to-play.


That being said, I have been encountering the same issue as all the posters here for the past couple weeks. Not just here, but in other countless posts across these forums, and other 3rd party forums (I believe this is the main one under NCSOFT?). I can use and post at least 30 links of similar issues, all of which remain unresolved, which I will refrain from doing so to avoid seeming petty, but will do so if necessary as evidence. I have done my work, work that I should not be doing just to have my game running properly. I have done various research and gone through multiple solutions. My choice to post here is a last resort as it is clearly an issue on your end. 


I personally do not notice any consistency when I receive these errors (going through portals, at certain boss %'s, etc.), although I cannot say the same for everyone else. The times that do stand out to me are:

Poh @ 2%

Hae Mujin @ 9%

Junghado @ 7%


I bring this up so that more can empathize with the issue if they don't understand (NCSOFT). I am bitter, yes. None of these were my first boss kills, so there is no reason for me to be irrational about this. What I am bitter about is the deep rooted issue at hand: your use of both our time and money. I can go on about how time = money, but that simple statement should be sufficient enough for this topic. I spend X amount of my minutes playing this game, getting to these bosses (I've had my game open and it literally just happened to me again in the middle of writing this--luckily I was just at my stash). X amount of minutes that are at a cost to me personally, as well as the money cost I am paying to you. Technically, any moment that I am not playing the game, I am losing money, while nothing changes for your company. But I am an adult, so I will not break it down for you and be petty about such things, because that's like saying I should always be inside because I'm paying for my rent.


Anyways, getting to these bosses take X amount of time, and if this error comes up, you either start the boss all over (which is the best case scenario), or you're literally forced to go through the whole process of the dungeon or boss # kills again, wasting more amount of time. Please note there are key differences in when I use "spending" time and "wasting" time. Every individual has their choice to spend time doing something, but I am using "wasted" time to depict an involuntary use of time. I chose to run through the dungeon to get to the boss, to defeat him. It was then an error on your end, that didn't allow this to happen as it should. Therefore, I am spending more minutes of my time to do something I have given money to you for, just for the same result. Not only that, but I am spending X more amount of minutes to write this, hoping to catch your attention to this issue--X amount of minutes I should be spending playing the game I am paying you money for. Again, nothing changes on your end.


I can't say that this applies to free-to-play, other than the simple fact that you are wasting their time--a priceless commodity to each individual person. Yes, they are making the choice to spend their time playing your game. Yes, they simply have the choice to walk away to no longer risk such an issue. The one thing they cannot do, is take back the time they gave to your community and user base. You lose nothing (one account slot on your server?). They lose something. As a legitimate business that is marketing and selling a product, this is against all usual ethical practices--the customer is always first.


This game is no longer in its beta phase. You have released it to the public. No one is expecting perfect results--ever. This being said, the date today is 2/15/2016. I can easily find posts of similar issues dating back to August 2015. It has been at least half a year for a common and widespread bug.


I honestly hope the time spent on this game and here, writing this, isn't wasted. I hope this is all clear enough for you, NCSOFT, to realize and address the issue at hand.




Thank you for your time.


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