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System chat hacked or something?


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1 hour ago, Atone said:

BUT Actually, I think they're using a crap-ton of spaces in order to make it unreportable/unblockable. :/ Just scroll up (a lot) and find their name, right click it and report. Worked for me.

I Justed logged in there isnt any chat or anything to scroll up


Ive tried all the suggestion still cant find no one to block


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that's because the spammer is constantly spamming it, and adding a HUUUUGE wall of spacebars (spaces). because of that, it will look like you're not seeing any names or anything. you just have to keep scrolling up to beat them.

you'll know when you see them when, after scrolling up a bunch of times, you see a name in the chat with nothing next to it.

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