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[ArenaPvP] how beat KFM????


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  • Take Persistence, not Fury.
  • Spin less to conserve Focus -- only if you really think he's going to be using a closing attack and want to deflect it.
  • If you grab them, quick power slam immediately -- even if they freeze, you get the focus as long as you started the animation before they froze.
  • Only use counter break Knee at VERY close range, or it will go on cooldown and do nothing.
  • Not only can you iframe the knockup pounce with SS or Searing Strike, if you see it coming, you can Stone Shield with stone to instantly stun him before he lands.
  • If you're doing power slam spin2win, be aware that you can slow down your Q presses to avoid hitting him during the Q/E iframes to avoid giving him Max Agility buff. That buff will be the bane of your existence as a Destroyer, but he only stacks it when you attack iframes.
  • Beware the constant KD pokes, be ready to use your own sweep.
  • Don't pop tab or Persistence until he uses Tremor (the foot stomp that stuns) -- make him waste a critical cooldown for the combo. Best to use Persistence on one after he's blown Fighting Spirit (his own blue glow), as it is on a 90s cooldown. That buff also lasts 10 seconds, so make sure you disable or avoid him with grab/throw/spin/searing/etc. Again, save your tab and E as much as possible to avoid getting bulldozed by 3RF.

Those are a few of the tips I would have offhand.

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I just want to add that, from my personal experience, it's better to play "in their face" and don't let them gain distance from you. Also, don't recklessly attack them, if you get countered you might have to lose some escapes and then you end up in a very bad situation.

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