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Dungeons and rewards so far


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Hello everyone so i have been playing this game for a while now and its pretty fun to play but so far everything in terms for PvE seems rather lackluster.

The dungeons and the 24 man daily quests hubs are really unrewarding the dungeons takes anything from 45 minutes to an hour to do.

And the daily hub quests takes anything from one to two hrs depending on the amount of people that are killing bosses and when the final boss spawned last.


And for all of that time spent you get maybe 3-4g and a bunch of health potions and maybe one soul shield.

Which may or may not be completely useless to you depending on which numbers your going for and what stats you roll.

And whats up with the "heroic" quality reward bags only giving 1-2 health pots that is already have thousands of in my bags anyway?


With a bonus of 17 Soulstones and about 3g extra if you do the faction Pve ish dailies giving you about 12/13g per day in total 6/7g

If you decided to save the soulstones for your item upgrades which you would want to get for PvE.


However if you do PvP for the same amount of time you can easily get the same amount of raw gold from the dailies.

And 30-60 Soulstones from the beans depending on your ranking earning you 17-27g+ per day.

Not counting the additional money and soulstones you get from the faction dailies.

and you make about 10g or so if you decided to save your soulstones for item upgrades that you don't really need.

As your scaled down/up to a set number in arenas regardless of your gear.


And the dungeons them selves becomes pretty much irrelevant once you have your desired soul shield's whit some what decent stat rolls.

So doing it more then once per day is pretty much pointless as you get almost nothing out of it when you don't have the daily quest for it.

I would love to see some more decent rewards from dungeons and the daily hub quests to make them feel a bit more rewarding to do.


Maybe add some more cosmetic items from the bosses and how about adding a chance to get illusion weapons from the reward boxes?

Just anything other then the same bloody healing potions we have had since level one.


Maybe throw in some soulstones after dungeon completion giving you a reason to do them more then once a day maybe like 10-15 ish soulstones for the purple ones.

And maybe something like 3-5 for the blue dungeons and maybe with a rare chance to get 1-2 transformation stones based on the dungeon level and difficultly.


As it makes little to no sense to me why you get showered in soulstones for doing PvP.

When you only really need them to progress your character in PvE and you have pretty much no way to farm them.

If your only really in to PvE content so your forced to do PvP if you wish to progress your character in PvE. 


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I agree. I understand that this is a PvP-centered game in the long run, but the fact that I can run an hour or so of PvP and make out better than three or four hours of dailies depending on the groups I end up in makes little sense.  GW2 had a pretty good balance with its PvP reward tracks of overall making sure that both PvP and PvE players get relatively equal rewards for their time.


I mean, you could get your rank up in singles and then half try in tag and float your way to your 2K beans a day with little effort. If I'm incorrect then my bad, but I can only assume there are other daily PvP rewards to come with additional content that will continue to make it more rewarding to play for a bit, cash in, and log off than to put in any real time doing dungeons and other PvE dailies.

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At least im not the only one noticing how extremely unrewarding pve is in comparison to pvp in this game.

I know its mainly a pvp game but they need to balance it out somehow the fact that i can put in less time and effort in to pvp.

And get much better rewards then i can get from putting hrs of time in to pve is ridiculous at least make it some what even.

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yes, as for my example i like pv, for pvp not so much... the reward are reallyunbalanced, there is ppl doing 20g per hour in pvp and they don´t even use the gold for gear or anything cause they don´t need...making  the pvp give 3 times more reward value so we end up wasting in fashion cause some dont even pve and making pve content unrewarding or even long as hell to upgrade the gear is just ridiculous...

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