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KFM Matchup questions


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hey man. Im a 1700-1800 bouncing KFM and i have some serious matchup questions i need answered..

Sin - seems like the worst matchup for KFM. because your counter is single target... you can essentially block 1 attack but cant knock them out of invis... even with ice sheath and the Suction on your V... i find myself in a terrible position almost every game vs a mediocre assassin... The AoE stuns you get are very finicky as it is.. and the move speed buff from stealth makes the skill shots virtually impossible to land.. any tips would be fantastic.. Is there a point in their attack chain where tabbing would properly break it and allow you to counter with flurry or something? Futhermore. if they stand 5 meters away you literally cant hit them with anything but comet strike/ leg sweep


LBD - the issue with this class is the first 10 seconds of every fight... It doesn't seem like you can win the face-off on KFM vs LBD and their aerial into lightning draw combo does a crapton of damage... even if you wait to tab until after the right click stun move. you just ate around 40% hp in the first 10 seconds of any fight... the resist on your counter and your Q/E doesn't come off fast enough to juke multislash and if they dash+stun you its pretty brutal as well. occasionally i can 180 counter their dash stun but they can engage with multiple attacks so it isn't foolproof. If you go to the air. they whip the blade at you to knock you out of flight and then multislash. If you finally get out of their combo... great... you still have 60% hp left and no tab... so any mistake means death... and if you dont Dps fast enough then multislash and their Z-resist skill is off cooldown again and you're in a dangerous spot all over again... not including grapples and blade storm. If you try and be patient with them.. they outheal+outkite+outdefense you by miles

Also. they seem to be able to animation cancel their backwards roll with spin... or maybe its just a lag thing.. But LBD and Sin are the only classes that its near impossible to comet strike them on the end of a roll. maybe im nuts.  Finally... even if im coming out ahead on a few clashes... they can spin/stealth and just run and wait for cooldowns... move speed on spin and stealth is crappy vs kfm.

FM + Destro... Not terribly problematic except for developers deciding that 3 classes needed a third trinket... Sin flower. FM backstep. Destroyer Blue buff... Why they get an extra CC cleanse is beyond me.

Blade master,... lol

Summoner... Not a bad matchup for KFM. usually a coin flip depending on how well i can stack the agility buff and triple kick them in the nads. The problem for Sum VS KFM is its sooo hard to not hit them 3-6 times during their evades. basically giving them infinite Evasion buff.

Everyone keeps saying that KFM is really strong right now... but am i crazy to think that the over-all quality of pvp is just bad?... they can combo out of their counters and Q/E. and can't do much damage outside of that unless they can stun-lock and crit buff.... they fight terrible at a range.... I'm just assuming people lose to them because they don't understand their kit... personally i think they're middle-low tier in terms of kit strength.. they simply stomp scrubs with never-ending counters...

Thanks for the helps people!

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