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If you're into PVP, don't bother unless you're really dedicated seeing it throught. At the end the only thing for you is a fancy little mass of pixels next to your name, and some zen beans from matches and dailies you can trade for soulstones, which you can then sell. But the merit? Lol what's that?


OWPVP is about landing on server which's faction can amass the bigger mob, and when it comes to Arena, there are 70-ish % chances, you're going up against mages that do nothing but spam ice to lock you up. Or against dessies or blade cancers who can only win by spinning, not by actually learning to play, rendering them nigh immune to CCs.


Now some say it's about timing dodges and looking for that few tens of milliseconds of opening, which is true, but when the name of the game is more towards macroing, even rewarding for it, and noobitus, it kind of defeats the purpose of all dem ads that say "skill based PVP".


Button mashing is not a skill. A good player will always find the opening by counting, though the sad state of affairs is this game indeed is not as skill based as promised. Even on high levels it's about who lands the combo sequence initiation first, and then it's just a facemelt. There is no tactic, strategy or improvisation in this game.

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