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Bugs I've seen as assassin


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1) Sometimes my shadow dash just refuses to go off for no reason. I hit the button, and it says conditions not met, even though I'm in combat, staring at my enemy who is stunned, the adequate distance away. I notice this mostly in Mushin's tower.


2) Sometimes my shadow dash goes off, but doesn't drop me in stealth, even though I'm clearly behind the enemy. Again, notice this mostly in Mushin's.


3) This is similar to above. When using the swapped body spell, and then using shadow dash, fails to put me in stealth. This appears to be mostly be an animation/timing issue, whereby you hit the buttons too quick so it failes to recognize that you were behind the mob when you cast it.


4) Sometimes my shadow dash  grays out for no reason, even though I'm the right distance from the mob. This has only started this weekend.


5) And the most annoying one that has apparently been around for a long time in this game (found out what was going on via forums from years go): shift+number pad key, which causes us to constantly walk backwards. Nothing like having a short distance to sprint disappear to get royally screwed into not disappearing and having your keyboard bug out. 

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