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Ground counters


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I dont know about others but me as well as other kung fu masters have experienced a bug when we stun someone as soon as they use the ground counter, and that allows them to counter us on the hit after the stun.

This has happen a lot of times to me when I use tremor as soon as they hit the ground.

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I've experienced this a lot. I can get the stun off and then they can still ground counter if its within a short time frame between the stun and the next attack. It's easy to identify when it happens because I get knocked onto the ground and they still have stars running across their head, unable to do anything. 

I've had it happen on rising dragon -> shin kick, so they counter the shin kick. 

tremor  -> searing palm/3rf (so they counter searing palm or shin kick), which is even more awkward since tremor pierces defensive skills like GC. 

Here's a text example

Here's to hoping there's a fix. 

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Will they do something about it, it costs me several matches vs BDs, i manage to make them waste their tab/resist etc. and i go for a knock down + tremor... guess what!! they counter me while they are under the stun effect. Is it intended to work this way or is it a bug?


Edit: it happened twice, yes twice while fighting a BM, this game is drinving me crazy

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