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My "no access to Marketplace since launch" thread


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Edit 3/23/2016: Problem solved by making my computer less secure to the internet.  See my 3/23 edit to this post below for details.


Problem: I started playing BnS on launch day, have yet to get access to Marketplace.  Get the message, "Unable to connect to Marketplace, please try again later" (roughly paraphrased) every time.  This occurs immediately after pressing F5 / trying through an NPC, I haven't had a few minutes of access & then lost it as I've seen reported in other threads. 


Goal of this thread: Because lack of Marketplace access does not currently appear in the "Known Issues" thread (located here: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/146085-known-issues-updated-217-1100am-pst/), I'm writing this to describe all steps taken in a positive manner, in the hopes that a) it becomes a known issue that is actively investigated, b) anyone else with this issue might find it useful / has a suggestion, and c) it creates a "squeaky wheel gets the grease" effect by returning & periodically updating this thread.  Truth is overall, I find the game very entertaining.  But to have failure of a core feature in what is essentially a four year old game for over a month (and counting) & no idea if it's being looked into (see below) has been ... frustrating.


Steps taken thus far (I'm on the Hajoon server):

1) Contacted @bladeandsoulops on Twitter when Marketplace wasn't working approx. 1 week after launch (figured it was just one of those launch day bugs).

2) Per @bladeandoulops' advice, performed DNS flush and via the launcher, a File Repair.  No Marketplace access.

3) Per help article on BnS' website, ran Windows update & made sure no pending updates.  No Marketplace access.

4) Per advice from @bladeandsoulops submitted a ticket to BnS support.

5) Support reply asked me to again perform a File repair (GM Cherries).  I repeated it, no Marketplace access.

6) Communicated this in reply to Support's email.  Also stated in email that @bladeandsoulops had mentioned sending something called dxdiag, but I had no idea what that was or how to generate it & I asked for instructions on how to do so.

7) Reply from BnS Support requested screenshot when get no Marketplace access.  No mention of dxdiag.  I replied with requested screenshots of both when I press F5 and when I try to access Marketplace via an NPC, both showed no access.  I did not follow-up & ask again about dxdiag.

8) Reply from BnS Support: " Thank you for the update. We will forward your report to the development team so that they can investigate the issue. However, we will be unable to personally email you about the investigation but any updates will be announced on our website and forums ... " (GM Earl)

9) Re-installed game.   No Marketplace access. 


A couple of times through the above, and again at the end, I received emails saying, " It's been 48 hours since we responded to your ticket (Marketplace not working) and we haven't heard anything back from you. We're going to assume that this issue is solved, but if it isn't, please reply to this email or click the link below ... "  The first few times I replied to saying the issue is most definitely NOT resolved, but as it appears BnS Support sends that email automatically after 48h of no email interaction, I got tired of it & stopped.  I don't know if administratively BnS Support then chalks that up as a resolved issue & case closed because I stopped replying, but it seemed no matter how communication with support leaves off that "It's been 48 hours ..." email inevitably appears.  I'm hoping it's just a poor choice of template wording, but since this doesn't appear on the "Known Issues" thread I figure it's worth mentioning.


I went into detail in case anyone has had a similar experience & knows of *anything* else I can do on my end.  If so, please let me know!  Absent this issue being resolved, I'll periodically return to this thread to either update the above sequence of events or to do the squeaky wheel thing.  



Edit 3/3/2016:


10) Still no Marketplace access after installing latest patch.

11) Created character on diff server.  No Marketplace access there either.

12) Temporarily disabled firewall & site blocking options in my AV software (McAfee), no Marketplace access.  Don't know if it is related, but noticed that I also cannot register a screenshot from my photo gallery to my Character Info's panel.  Re-enabled firewall.


Again, if anyone has any ideas on what else I can try pls let me know.  I'd very much appreciate it!



Edit 3/14/2016:


13) Per suggestion from Julianne Harty on 3/10 livestream, deleted cache on Internet Explorer AND Google Chrome (the only two web browsers on my computer).  Checked both servers I have characters on, no Marketplace access on either.



Edit 3/23/2016:


14) Installed Moonwater Plains update, still no Marketplace access.

15)  In Windows, I went to Control Panel --> Internet Options --> Privacy tab.  Decreased the setting to "Medium High," logged onto BnS and Marketplace was working.  I'm running Win 7, and previously that Privacy setting was set to "High."   -->   I HAVE MARKETPLACE ACCESS!!!




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my friend also had an issue with the market for quite some time...

perhaps even since launch as well since we both were in the early launch. he was using my help every time he needed something from the marketplace untill some days ago when he FINALLY could enter the marketplace himself after he lost all hopes on ever getting it running lol not sure even how or why he finally got access to the market idk if it was random or coz of a patch... or maybe something he changed on his pc... but it's very random x.x and I sometimes also have a message "marketplace temporarily not available" or something like that but I close the window (using F5 usually) and open again and it works.


I know thou it's not the problem you two been having but I guess it's somethin to do with w/e you running while bns is on that blocks somethin from accessing the marketplace if it makes any sense :o

not sure if ncsoft can do anythin bout it x.x

will link this thread to my friend maybe he can assist you with that problem since he had same thing, hope he will be able help you :o

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Appreciate it.  I'd assume if there was something else on my computer blocking access that BnS Support would have mentioned it, but who knows.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that your friend has the answer!

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my friend offline now but I'm sure he will share his "secret" with you regarding the marketplace actually starting work for him ! xD

he also been through same with support and even re-installed and re-downloaded game 3 times o_o

so I'm 99% sure (hoping atleast) that he will know how to help you :3

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Bro. I feel you!!!!!!!!! Same problem here! Everything you mention. 99.99% is what I'm facing. You know what's the worst? When you ask someone to help to buy something in the marketplace. 5% will help. 5% will make money from you. Since you don't know the price. 90% of the people will think you wanna scam or say you hack too much.... Support also don't know what's the problem. Only say that will look into it and wait for updates and keep lookout at forum. Well. I see you! No marketplace since I started playing..... 

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I feel ya. It has "only" been 3 weeks or so since I've lost access to the marketplace (And not being able to change my char picture). Lucky me I'm playing with my friends so they can buy and sell for me. But it still is a pain in the ass. I had sorta the same exchange with the support well... 3 weeks ago. The only thing I know about that bug is that it comes from my computer, and not from my account. I can connect on my shitty laptop and have access to the marketplace.


Hope one day they'll address us a real solution not a random answer. A patch would be the best but it looks like a dream with NCSoft West that does not seems like they talk much to Bloodlust Team.

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Figured it out, but I'm not at all happy with the solution, namely decreasing my computer's internet privacy options.  Added the steps I took to my original post.


@Kx7 - By chance, are the security settings different on your laptop from your main computer?  


From this it seems BnS Marketplace access is tied to website cookies.  I'm not crazy about having to decrease my computer's security / privacy in order to play the game, but I'll give it a shot for now.  Also, I'm shocked this isn't something BnS support couldn't tell me over the course of multiple emails.  Or maybe they don't want to tell customers like me that in order to get all the game's features you'll need to make your computer less secure on the internet.


Anyway, hope that helps y'all out!

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@Yaviey - Don't know if that was directed at me, but if it was steps 4-8 in the original post describe the multiple e-mails I exchanged w/ BnS Support after submitting a ticket.  And from their responses, it would appear that Pancrazio21 & Kx7 had very similar exhanges w/ BnS Support from their tickets.  If your response was intended for hynaku, then nvm!   :-)


Thanks for reading the post!  If you could pass along my concern that making the Marketplace work is tied to making my computer less secure on the internet to the powers that be, I think we'd all appreciate it.  Take care! 




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