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Comparing 2 skill trees for PVE


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1st skill tree:

I found this skill tree https://bnstree.com/DE/NJhdyg4ce

I tried it and I find it quite good. You are skilled to often use grab (F) with ember stomp (3) and then (Z).


2nd skil tree:

But then I found that page http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-destroyer-guide/  which seems informative.

But the skill tree they link for LVL45 HM5 is vastly different.

Could it be that it is more tailored for solo play?



Could you please compare those two skill trees and recommend one over the other?

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Yeah the first one is kinda weird. It has a bunch of anti-deflect stuff and a serious lack of stone shield and ram among other things. Also hurl? Very situational indeed.


I'm just HM 3 but here's one option for my PvE build:



The 2 extra points into Power Slam are entirely preference as is the 1 point in Knee. You could easily go for 3 sec stun in Stone Shield, Drag version of Body Kick, or improved Axe Sweep. You can also make a really good case for F4T5 Emberstomp as well as F3T2 Hurricane.


The following skills are absolutely required for any decent PvE build right now:

F2T4 Judgement (or F1T4 if crit rate is low)

F1T3 Wrath

F3T4 Cleave

F2T3 Grab

F1T4 Fury

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I would suggest something like this for PvE.


Some things people may question (Using BnSTree names):

Tier 4 Form 1 Smash- Alot of people seem to use the tier 3 form 2 for focus recovery but as a destroyer we have so much focus recovery as is, plus our main form of damage output lets us animation cancel indefinitely anyway so using smash on a grabbed target or at the end of fury is a nice bit of extra burst damage. You can swap to t3f2 if you chose.


Tier 3 Form 3 Emberstomp- Nothing people would complain about now but I left two points and would suggest switching to tier 5 form 2 if you get the emberstomp HM skill. Tier 5 form 3 is a great damage boost yes but t5f2 allows you to stand in certain attacks that would normally be a bad idea to stand in and continue dpsing. In 45 cap it's not as useful but in 50 cap it becomes super good (probably where my attatchment to it comes from). 


Tier 1 Form 1 Searing/Scorching Strike- Searing strike is an amazing iframe so having it usable for less focus cost is of great benefit. What people may have an issue with is scorching strike. I feel like alot of people don't know that scorching strike can proc off of any iframe not just searing strike (unless they actually read their tooltips anyway..) and compared to using cyclone to re-engage it's not only quicker but it costs less focus and hits about as hard as a cleave as well. So not only do you close the gap but you enter back in with some decent damage for a less focus cost. Later on once we have more points to spare I'd spec the right side of it all the way for the focus recovery on crit and boosted damage. 


Tier 2 Form 2 Typhoon- Some people may not want to double the cooldown but if you consider the benefits it's well worth it. t2f2 typhoon has an iframe at the beginning of it and it also is immune to all status effects. Paired with t5f2 or even t3f2 emberstomp and you become an immortal mob destroying machine. 


The rest is just standard build. 

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