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Random disconnects and bots on arenas


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Anyone from staff members would be so kind and answer the questions:


1. Hows the work and progress regarding random disconnects? Im getting lately tons of them (getting them during arena fights it really annoying, same during the PvE boss fights)

2. Hows the work and progress regarding lags on arena? More than 50% of the time, when im joining arena my ping goes higher, sometimes i dont see even enemies, they just hitting me and i can't do anything about it. It became so disgusting that it even shows me that im hitting someone aerial and suddenly im laying on the ground, because that was just simply lag. It have nothing to do with my provider nor PC, my pings are stable everywhere, in PvE this issue isnt presisting.

3. Bots joining arenas now, mostly destroyers, it seems that bot problems are begoming bigger, not the other way around.


Will we see any progress on these issues or we supose to get used to it? Since is not even better regarding server start (except u can log in faster).

These things really suck the joy of the game, lately i have hard time to log in just by thinking about that.

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