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Soul Shield for Destroyer BS + ET?


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Hello fellow Destroyers!


I'm wondering what's the best combination of soul shield? I've seen a couple of combination but they are not for destroyers because they focus on evasion. If I'm not mistaken we should focus on block right?

Can you tell me which combination is for PVP and PVE? if no combination needed what's the stat of soul shield should I get?

I've been wasting a lot of unsealers now T___T

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59 minutes ago, MooseWayne said:

I've been told to just focus on maxing out crit until we get the level 50 patch. Not sure how valid that is but it makes sense not to worry too much about a soul shield that is going to be subpar even when maxed out compared to a lvl 50 set

Thanks for the idea..



38 minutes ago, noctred said:

I think I've seen this but im not sure if it's the same as NA/EU. is this confirmed?

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