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How to fix 1000,132,10053/10054/10056/10060


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I went over the Chinese server ( i'm Taiwanese )

And searched on how to solve this problem.

And i got this solution... it worked on me but i'm not sure if its gonna work for all of us who has this problem.

My loading speed has improved as well.


so here is the solution.

Basically enable your Upnp

here is how you do it on windows 7 / 8 / 10 there are also other solutions in the link as well.


Good luck to everyone, i hope this helps cause it sucks to not able to play the game.

If you have anymore problems i'm willing to check more infos, if it works make sure to bump !!

I posted this forum not long ago, and i putting it out again cause some ppl have replied me that it worked for them, try it out and make sure you quote it / like it if it works!! help the others!!

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