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Blade master on vacation?


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Hi i am new to the game just started playing on NA release, so i main a blade master i love pvp system i am still learning and having fun, just wondering why there is not a single BM in the top 50 pvp rank ? is he that bad or maybe will get better at lvl50 ? 

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Eu definetly have multiple at top50

Reasons there are not too many are atleast followings:


1. Summoner is super fotm and sort of hard counter to BM. Its super frustating for bm to constatly fight huge uphill battles vs them when 3/5 of opponents you face are them.

2. BM still need skill points to fully function. 5hm lv definetly helped tons but more are still needed.

3. Lv50 will make it easier. Right now BM lack 2x super important hm skill

4. Newly released hm skill is mandatory aswell but its locked behind pve content and rng. At auction house they are 350-400g at eu so I imagine its pretty much same there.

5. Skillz. I'd say bm along with fm are the ones which need most awareness and knowledge of other classes

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