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Blight ring has been disable. Why?


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  • 11 months later...

Necroing but this is now a bigger problem without the hongmoon accessories.

Not a super big problem but trying to have decent access would help a little.

The guide on main site (about new paths for weap and access) say that ring should come from the dungeon but it wont and the quest that in the past gave it (together with neck and ear) dont give it anymore.

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I'm not sure there ever was a ring in Blackram Narrows. At least, unlike the earring and necklace, you didn't need a ring from narrows to upgrade the Hongmoon one - needed Sentinel one instead.

I remember because I thought there was one and was tryharding to get it on an alt.. until I checked my Hongmoon ring and realized it doesn't need anything from narrows.


Then again I THOUGHT there was one, because I had a recollection of having it on my first 2 chars, which were made before the date of this thread. Though it could be a pseudo-recollection due to ToE having all accs and it being slightly odd for there to not be a ring in Narrows when there's a necklace and an earring.

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