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Assasins bugged as *cricket* in arena???????????


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10 minutes ago, NueHoujuu said:

how are we supposed to know what the glitch is if you don't tell them

please don't try to act like smart ass, every decent assassin or gold player to fought an assassin would know this bug saying 'web/tabswitch skills glich' is way more than enough for them to know what I'm talking about.

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1 minute ago, NueHoujuu said:

Do you mean the one where people can spin while paralyzed?


You're not going to get anything done to get that fixed by not telling NCSoft what is even happening.

when we use our web in the air or gronud, it doesn't matter where we move the opponent turns to us which is not normal, we need them to give us their back so we can use our abilities, not only web, also when they are stunned, it's not something they do it's something that just happens.

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