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I sent a couple too regarding applying NCoins to my account. For a company that wants to make money, they don't make the process very easy or intuitive, do they, especially if you purchase from Amazon, which "perfectly safe and legitimate" according to them. Even the process of creating the ticket is clunky and disjointed. I LOVE the game...love love love it! ...but the lack of support and difficulty in navigating account issues is the worst I've ever seen in ANY of the many games I've played over the past well over ten years. Yeah, it may suck having to work (and pay people to work) on a weekend, boo hoo, but a LOT of people (like me) do that and worse their entire careers. If they weren't ready for launch they should have delayed.


Oh, oops, to answer your question, I DID get a boilerplate ...erm, electronically generated response saying they'd received my inquiry, but that's it. Nothing since then, and it's been quite a while. 

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