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Lost and Found MISSING CAT


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Don't worry that is a visual bug XD I forgot to SS mine but I can tell u one time I found 5 cats in one place with no owner XD it usually happens if the cat dies when the owner is further than the cats return range,  the other time it happens is if the owner goes through a portal while the cat is in combat I mean the cat is attacking something not just being attacked, another way to make this bug occur is if u own the cat and u root the mobs right before cat dies and use wish instantly, this will sometimes create a crouched or lay down cat with unknown owner appear,  if u wish u can create up to 8 unknown cats before server kick u out XD I have done this by accident before. But the cat with no owner doesn't always appear sometimes it will go away like it normally should. I'm not sure how to make it happen 100% of time but mostly caused by lags

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