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Junghado Infinite immortal combo


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Well, as the title says, I'm stuck in the 7th floor of the Mushin's Tower.

I've learned all moves of Junghado after die to him like 20 times, but the problem is when he reach 10% ~ 40% HP.

He starts that "combo": Immune, red area around him that deals a lot of damage (but easy to scape), and the dash with 4-5 attacks that deals a lot of damage too (all this immune) and trows me up and makes a air combo that hit me like 60% HP. I'm a Blade Dancer, I can "counter" this attack with some skills:

Vortex: Tier 3 Stage 1

Dual Strike: Tier 3 Stage 1

Guardian Tempest: Tier 3 Stage 1

And I've used all my imune potions too

 In my last try, I've countered (or tank the damage) ten times in a row, he finish the sequence and start it again (imune all this time), I've used all this skills 2 times each and 2 potions, and he keeps using the same combo without a pause to use another and become targetable...

 Well, resuming, after 10% hp he's immortal, he use this sequence until I'm dead, only this sequence, anytime he do any other move...

 Someone knows how to "counter" it, if have a perfect timing that I can Phantom Grip him without being countered?

Obs.: I'm brazilian, so any gramatical mistakes... well, disconsider xD, I think it's undestandble (y)

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You have to kill him in under 5 minutes or he becomes enraged and can't be killed. The fight is not just survival - you have to do good DPS also. 


He will still do that combo sometimes before enrage, but once he's enraged he will just chain it until you die or reset the fight. 

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